Tuesday, September 1, 2009

...account report -09-08-28

thank you so much for your sweet help in financing our sim.

August was a quiet month, Gor crawling along. Much of it is due to me scripting and being a bit of a stay at home. I was taking a holiday of the gorean tide: Now and then someone on Gor becomes fashionable for us and a caravan of single panthers file in during the day to become captured there, then ask to be rescued. They continue to walk in there night for night until the group targeted has enough. The result is diminishing roleplay and increasing drama, whining and bans until the place shuts its gates for us. We battled the askari and thule every night until it became a routine, then the pearl until even the very last sister notices that they do not roleplay with us anymore. Some groups are aware of this mechanism and squeeze a captured panther out quickly.

Maybe the time is right for some other roleplay? How about a crusade for some population or environmental pressure like a drought?

back to our sim, the tier was due the 28th, special thanks to


for your generous donations of 3100 L$

Thank you also to everyone who purchased items from my shops and to everyone who purchased my services: I am aware that all of you are purchasing my services and my products to support our sim. It is 1260 L$ this month. Lovers of Gor is YOUR home!

I m always in your debt


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