Monday, October 25, 2010

The cAcKliNg rAt…

some say it should be called the „cackling Urt“, but have not taverns always have had fantasy names? What does “The honest Polititian” or the “Jolly Taxpayer” in Portsmouth, or the “Swan With Two Necks” refer to? So it is the cAcKlinG rAt!

What does it do?...yes, the effect is as expected. Tavern keepers are a powerful guild on Gor…usually roleplayers are trained to not battle there: But located right at the docks, greeting visitors and inviting them is so NEW to Gor!!

Everyone expects to not be welcome on a gorean sim, to be greeted with insults or futile threats, with arrows or –if a roleplayer is lucky- with ignorance or an instant ban, however absolutely no one is welcome on a gorean sim. At least as far as women on gor are concerned.

Sim Owners pay 295 US$ a month to release a set of rules that explain all the conditions for bans of their fellow goreans. Gorean sims are opened up to tell people there is better roleplay elsewhere.

At best, most sets of rules could be titled: “Leave, its no fun, go play elsewhere!” The sim Owners, yes it US, WE are the enemy of Gor, we keep saying there are too many sims on gor, we ignore the massive traffic in the Gor Hub, not understanding why so many roleplayers go there. There are not too many sims on Gor, we just try to make it as unwelcoming as possible. There are not too many sims, we fail in attracting people. Sim Owners send out notes advertising their sims, but when you go there, their rules are saying: “If you want fun, leave instantly!”

I still do not know more than five sims of Gor, because I do not ignore the sim rules. I read them. If they declare I m not welcome there I leave. They invariably do.

Saphronicus for example publishes:

“(i) The docks is no longer safe after 10 mins. Great thing,isn t it? Safe? Ok, I m already leaving.
All griefers will be banned. Goreans who break our rules and principles will be ejected and if 4 Council Members agree, a ban will be enforced on Goreans.

(i) Banned weapons are in the attached list.

4. Any Free Woman found to be carrying or brandishing illegal weapons shall be subject to imprisonment and/or enslavement, or both.

7. A Free Woman may sell herself into slavery, but once the transaction is completed, it is too late for her to revoke it

11. A Free Man who saves the life of a Free Woman and is not her Free Companion, or Protector, gains the right to enslave her or receive compensation in the amount of her fair market value as a slave.”

would anyone sane really enter a city like that? Or are we all brain washed?

Where is the warm welcome of a fellow gorean? There is none. These rules are effectively saying that this sim welcomes no one.

Now you understand what the cAcKliNg rAt is for. Goreans are actually STUNNED when someone says: Welcome! I am happy that you are interested and brave enough to still explore Gor, despite not being welcome anywhere.

I witness that effect every day. People come on the sim, they are TENSE, bows drawn, set to battle, barely able to see what is there due to mouselook setting and switched off alpha channel, bow held up front. Approach your fellow gorean! Are you not happy to find another gorean in this synthetic Earth- world??

You should. Be grateful. Welcome your fellow gorean. Some people invest heavily in beautiful dresses, they invest into roleplay to make our gor a wonderful place. Listen to your fellow gorean and acknowledge that he or she is there to make it the wonderful place it deserves to be.
The channels are full of discussions about others doing wrong, about ones own ways being the only true ways. Why is that? The worst enemy every gorean sees is his or her fellow gorean.

Gor became a sad world, destined to fail.

It will never succeed if we do not change our ways. It will never succeed if we don t stop accusing our fellow goreans, whose only wrongdoing is being themselves, who only try to enjoy gor.

Discussions about profiles saying “No rape”? Is THAT your Gor? are you a happy rapist? Go to the ugly free bdsm sims, or even better, stay away from your comp: Gor should NOT be a gathering of the mentally ill, a gathering of the sickos that DO exist on earth. If THAT is Gor, then we are only lucky it does not exist, and we are lucky if it will never have success, for sim rules that TELL: This is a place meant for recruiting patients for psychopathology.

Where is the Gor of mentally healthy people who are only themselves, where is the Gor of nature loving people where is the Hero who battles for justice, where is the competent woman with a straight back who stands up and TELLS what is wrong here?

Gor is punished day by day by people who fail to mark it as the wonderful place it is meant to be. Gor as a copied system is the most outstanding case of mass mismanagement.

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